Anytime Process Service
"Anytime, or Anywhere in the State of Oklahoma"
Independent Process and Document Server  24hr Service
     Local 405-274-1020  Fax 405-320-5050

Anytime Process Service
Craig William Passow
Licensed - Bonded

If you need a Process Server in Oklahoma, "Anytime Process Service" is the agency to call.

I have great success in those "hard to serve" cases, including Tribal property.

Don't send your process to some "nationwide" company that has papers floating
all over the country.  

    I offer Process Service for the entire State of Oklahoma.

           When you use Anytime Process Service, I will provide you with superior customer support!

  •           Check the status of your papers online, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
  •           E-mail notification of status on your papers as soon as we serve your documents.
  •           Rates are the best in Oklahoma.
  •         I do not charge for mileage.
  •        First 3 attempts are included. After three,additional charge at $10.00 per attempt.

     I will be happy to work with your law firm or business in obtaining the best rate for the task at hand. 
     I pride myself in professionalism and detailed work product.

     I can pick up the forms at your office in my primary service area or you can mail your documents to Anytime Process Service.
Send two sets of documents and your proof of service form. I can provide one if you do not have one. 


    Anytime Process Service
    35 Miller Drive

    Chickasha, OK. 73018-5801

    Office: 405.320.5050    
405.274.1020  ~  Fax: 405.320.5050

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